Fit a servo motor brand of whatever you like!

Available in 60, 75 and 90mm frame sizes, the K Series’ universal design has the performance and flexibility to offer the ideal replacement for Pneumatic Cylinders.

In addition to this, optional roller-screw drives give the K Series an advantage over Hydraulic Cylinders by offering longer-life, lower maintenance and significantly reduced energy costs.

The high performance planetary roller screw in the KX class offers performance that is far superior to competing actuator technologies.

These actuators are ideal for industrial automation, mobile equipment, process control and many other demanding applications.

"Rolled" roller screw design allows low capaital costs and still 3 times more travel life than an equivalent ball screw

  • Flexible design suitable for numerous applications and configurations
  • Universal mounting options compatible with DC, stepper, and servo motors
  • Preconfigured parallel and inline motor mounts available for most motors
  • Multiple models for maximum flexibility
  • Anodised aluminum housing with sealed body options for harsh environments
  • Specialised material and coating options
  • Built for long life and low maintenance
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