ANCA Motion are an Australian based manufacturer of highly dynamic sealed actuators.

Designed with replacement of pneumatics but also other fluid powered actuators, ANCA's LinX® M-Series is designed to provide improved performance at a lower cost when compared to conventional flat linear and rotary motors.

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The LinX® linear motor range is available in a variety of different sizes to allow for application specific solutions.


The motors are fully sealed rated to IP66, ensuring they are perfect for automation, machine tool, and food processing systems. Additional fan kits are available up to IP67.

Versus Pneumatics

  1. The tubular linear motor’s mechanical structure, a sleeve (forcer) and a shaft, makes the replacement of pneumatic straightforward.
  2. The servo control technology can achieve very high energy efficiency level.
  3. Generally there is no wear part in tubular linear motor, as there is no direct contact between the magnets and windings. This makes it easy to achieve the high duty cycle typically required by pneumatics applications.
  4. With positional feedback and close loop servo control which is only available at high-end pneumatic cylinders, tubular linear motor can easily achieve positional control at much higher accuracy and repeatability than pneumatic cylinders.
  5. The servo control technology enables tubular linear motors to achieve a diagnostics level that is difficult for pneumatic cylinders to reach.

Versus Ball Screw

Traditionally, linear motion is achieved using rotary motors and ballscrews. However, there are a lot of problems with ballscrew machines. LinX® Linear motor is designed to overcome all these problems.

  1. Direct drive: No backlash and reversal error. Unlike ballscrews which translate rotatory motion to linear motion through the contact between thread and nut, LinX® provides direct-drive motion without any contact between forcer and shaft. Therefore the problems of backlash and reversal error associated with ballscews are completely eliminated by LinX®.
  2. No wear - Because there is no direct contact between the moving parts, there is no component wear or the need of lubrication. LinX® system requires very little maintenance.
  3. No loss of preload - Loss of preload is a unique problem associated with ballscews. This problem is eliminated in LinX® system due to its direct-drive nature. LinX® motor can always track motion commands accurately and repetitively.
  4. Easier alignment - When installing and aligning a ballscrew on a machine, much tighter tolerances are requirement over the entire length of the ball screw when compared to fitment of linear motors. LinX® Linear Motor has 1mm of non-critical airgap between the forcer and shaft which greatly simplifies the installation. “Non-critical” 1mm airgap means that over the entire shaft it’s not necessarily to keep 1mm gap as long as there is no touching between the forcer and shaft.
  5. Higher acceleration and faster speed - Thanks to LinX®’s direct-drive nature and zero friction between the forcer and shaft, LinX® motor can achieve much higher acceleration and speed than ballscrews.

Typical applications

LinX® linear motors can be used in a variety of automation applications where high-speed and precise linear motion is required.

  • Packaging
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Machine tools
  • Robotics & FA
  • Semi & electronics
  • Printing
  • Wood processing
  • Textile
  • Renewable energy
  • Testing
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