Piers Olsen - CEO Global Magazine Interview

Our very own Managing Director has been featured in the winner's edition of Global CEO Today magazine!

You can read the whole interview here - CEO Today Global Awards 2021 (


Transcript below:


Piers & Olsen Group Piers, who studied Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, is a highly knowledgeable Electro-Mechanical Chartered Engineer with 3 decades of industry experience. Following a successful career working with Control Techniques & Emerson, Piers made the leap to establishing his own company in 2008. Having the self-belief to fulfil solutions to problems others in the industry would not, the company grew rapidly to become one of the largest servo-electric actuator distributors in the UK. More recently Olsen has expanded into modified and bespoke UK designed and built actuator solutions heavily investing in R&D during the past 3 years, tailoring form and function to exactly satisfy application challenges. During C19 the company has developed a new growth strategy and taken the decision to invest in additional people and resources.


Location & Products

Based in the North West at the world-class Daresbury UKRI Science and Technology Campus, Olsen’s portfolio of products and services is impressive. Their range encompasses the industry-leading Exlar roller screw servo actuators, Macron Dynamics electric belt actuators and gantry XYZ linear robotics systems and recently ANCA motions new range of high frequency tubular linear motors. Olsen possesses several ranges of power electronics and motion controllers including Mil Spec & Aerospace DO178 approved Servo Drives, also offering an extensive range of additional products, packaged with cable assemblies to meet almost all motion control needs. This enables the business to help fulfil repeat orders directly with a range of Prime contractors and a distinguished collection of blue-chip clients as well as meeting the needs of smaller businesses and one-off challenges. Applications include Passenger Hovercrafts to offshore survey vessels, Automotive production and mobile equipment, Depositing / Sealing & Food Packaging Machinery, Entertainment Industries, Dynamic / Static / Endurance Test Rigs with data logging, Power Turbine Control and Medical.



Piers’ passion and experience is perhaps best manifested in the ‘solutions’ side of the company. In addition to providing tailored and measured direct solutions from their existing product lines, Olsen is well known for finding unique and completely original solutions to previously insurmountable obstacles. His most pioneering work of late has been in the Subsea sector where newly patented technologies are helping companies create machines that are more energy-efficient, lower mass and lower cost.



Piers has a very approachable personality and many will know and remember him from the many industry events Olsen have attended over the years. He is a repository of knowledge and is well used as a sounding board & consultant in the industry for developments and challenges. The company has developed a reputation for a deep understanding of user requirements and values spending time to get to know both a company and its team to help find technical solutions. The range of products means that Olsen is regularly operating in an incredibly diverse range of industries. However, its core principles enable it to successfully link common goals and challenges to find appropriate and effective solutions, whether this be with a single actuator or a complex control system.


Core Values

One of the most exciting values that link Olsen’s product range is that of efficiency and long life. The potential for energy saving is a bonus for both the environment and the pocket. Electric actuators are quiet, reliable and high performance, clean and green making them the ideal solution. They also negate the requirement for significant chemical fluids which often leak, causing hazards and mess, disposal issues and ongoing associated maintenance head-aches. Servo Electric actuators are ultra-reliable, precision and high performance, quiet, clean and green making them the ideal solution when making machinery design improvements. The reduced total ownership costs over 5, 10, 15 and 20 years is very significant.


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Piers Olsen - CEO Global Magazine Interview

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