New Product Launch - Atom Servo Drive!

Introducing the ATOM servo drive from our partners at ESI Motion...

Ultra-Low Weight & Compact Sized Dual-Axis Servo Drive System with unparalleled power to size capability!

This new drive is a game-changer for systems designers and engineers. Huge dual-axis power capability (2x 8kW) housed inside an incredibly small and robust package.

Atom in hand Smallest

Ultra-Low Weight & Compact Sized Dual-Axis Servo Drive System

2 x 8kW (16kW capacity)

Dual or paralleled axis configuration

Up to 10 times lower mass and

Up to 3 times more efficient vs competition

DO160G capable

DO178-A optional

Olsen Actuators brings you ESI Motion’s Draco Servo Drive, building upon the success of the flagship Dragon servoOlsen Actuators brings you ESI Motion’s Draco Servo Drive, building upon the success of the flagship Dragon servomotor line with size and weight reductions and performance increases and utilising state-of-the-art wide bandgap technology.

It is available in multiple configurations to fit a myriad of applications. Draco incorporates our rugged, high-density DSPcontroller and power driver modules, offers several feedback options, and is packaged in a military-grade submersible case.

This versatile servo drive is ideal for high-performance applications operating outdoors, at high temperatures, in high vibration, or other extreme environmental conditions. It comes with an industry benchmark Graphical User Interface, allowing the most flexible and precise system integration and control.

ESI Motion’s servo drive systems are designed for precision military, aviation, automotive, robotics, and specialised industrial applications where size and weight are critical.

• Nominal Vbus options: 300VDC or 600VDC
• Maximum continuous output current 40A per axis (80A for Paralleled axes model)
• Maximum DC power to 29 kW
• Multiple feedbacks supported, including BiSS-C, Quadrature Encoder, Resolver, Hall and Sensorless
• Maximum motor speed 75,000 RPM
• Torque, velocity, or position control
• Shock and vibration tolerant construction
• Brake drivers
• Reverse polarity protection
• MIL-STD-461 EMI filter
• Regeneration switch
• Active inrush limiter
• Includes configurable, user-friendly GUI with enhanced data collection capability and integrated oscilloscope feature

• Weight:
o Single-channel - 5.36lbs.
o Dual-channel – 5.57lbs.
• Size: 9.38 in x 6.63 in x 2.60 in
• Nominal motor phase current: up to 60A*
• Efficiency: >97% (full load)
• Operating temperature: -40 to 71°C

Compliance (Flight Units):
• Software design assurance: DO-178C Option
• Electromagnetic interference per MIL-STD-461:
o CE102
o CS101
o CS114
o CS115
o CS116
o RE101
o RE102
o RS103

• Environmental qualification per MIL-STD-810G:
o Random Vibration 514.7 Category 12 (X, Y & Z axes): 16.3 Grms, 15 – 2,000 Hz (0.20 g2/Hz)
o Shock Time History 516.7 Procedure 1 (X, Y & Z axes): 40G Terminal Peak Sawtooth, 11ms
• 28V Electrical power characteristics: MIL-STD-704F


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