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Volumetric filling


A wide variety of volumetric filling machines for both the food & drink market and also pharmaceutical dispensing applications. Unrivalled accuracy, no leaks or contaminant risk, low maintenance and downtime means our actuator solutions are perfect for volumetric filling applications.


A diverse range of food & drink manufactures who prioritise accuracy, repeatability, safety and efficiency.Exlar Brochure Filling Machine 2

The Challenge

Replace the cams or air cylinders in your volumetric filling machine with an Exlar® actuator and you will see precise volume control and an accurate fill rate! With an Exlar GSX Series actuator operating the piston pump, users are achieving better than 0.1% fill accuracy.

More importantly, the flexibility offered by the servo based Exlar actuator offers you the ability to manipulate flow rates or volume instantaneously, without setting any switches or changing out any cams. Container size, volume, or liquid changes are simple to obtain - just enter a new setting in the operator interface panel, or have a PLC do the changes. Operate independent lanes or synchronize all the pumps together.

Exlar Brochure Filling Machine 3

The Solution

The GSX Series provides a wash-down compatible, sealed design in a compact package. Replacing the cams or fluid power cylinders can be an easy retrofit resulting in better performance, less maintenance and longer life of your machine.

Exlar actuators are being used to pump many products including milk, fruit juice, gelatin, yogurt, pudding, pet food, soup, and cake batter. Even paint, lip stick, grease and solvents are being pumped.

The unique, patented roller screw design of the GSX Series delivers very high speeds, high force ratings, low maintenance and long life.

Exlar Brochure Filling Machine 4

No Leaks


High Speed

Improved Product Output

  • Planetary roller screw technology offers up to 15 times the life of ball screw actuators.
  • Peak forces up to 25,000 lbf
  • Speeds to 40 in/sec
  • IP67 ratings for wash-down requirements
  • Food industry standard white epoxy or electroless nickel coatings
  • Options for stainless steel construction
  • A wide variety of mounting styles
  • High cycle rates
  • Operation with nearly any servo amplifier
  • Multiple stroke lengths and sizes to fit your application
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