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Situated in the venue’s Test Flight Hangar, the new theatre provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy two different 4D film experiences, with the museum having chosen to show Fly Me to the Moon and Dog Fight – Red Baron alternately throughout the day. Each film lasts approximately seven minutes and both are suitable for guests of all ages.


The 4D Experience has been brought to the Museum by Simworx, acknowledged as one of the world leaders in the supply of 4D Effects Cinemas and Motion Simulation Attractions for the entertainment, education and corporate markets, worldwide. Simworx Managing Director Terry Monkton said: “We’re delighted to continue our relationship with the RAF Museum with this new installation at Cosford, following the 4D installed at the RAF Museum London 2012.

The Challenge

The purpose built theatre combines cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D computer animation with the added fourth dimension of dynamic seating and special environmental effects including seat movements, water spray, leg ticklers and smoke effects.

In Fly Me to the Moon, visitors become a member of the crew on board the Apollo 11 space shuttle mission to the moon with a whimsical twist involving three teenage flies, while in Dog Fight – Red Baron, they experience what it was like to be a World War One fighter pilot taking part in a thrilling mid-air combat in a tri-plane aircraft.

The Solution

Powered by 96 x Exlar Tritex T2M090 3 inch series - the seat movement is synchronised to the film visuals combined with smooth and jerky movements to enhance the immersive experience.


Popular TV Presenter James May took a flight in a WW1 tri plane and battled in a thrilling mid-air combat when he took a ride in the RAF Museum Cosford exciting new 4D Experience.

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When asked what he thought of the new ride, James said: It was great to be back at the RAF Museum. The new 4D Experience is actually quite good, I often think 3D and simulators are a bit gimmicky but this is the best Ive seen, Einstein would have approved!

The 4D ride was such a great experience, loved the ˜Fly me to the Moon™ one, especially "landing on the moon“ reminded me of Neil Armstrong. Both 4D rides were exceptional.


Integrated Drive Electronics

High Strength

Reduced Maintenance


The Fully Integrated Tritex, long life roller screw, servo motor and servo drive electronics with 1 axis position controller made it very easy to integrate the motion of the system to the main visual cueing system.

The reliability of the installation is proven after 8 years installation, the applicaiton has lead to other successful projects.

Further Information
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