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Locomotor Medical


Locomotor rehabilitation mobility therapy machine.


S-Mikron Elektronik are a Turkish based manufacturer of Home Appliances, Automotive, Iron & Steel, Textile, Military and Medical equipment.

The Challenge

Locomotor Training is a rehabilitation strategy that allows individuals with certain kinds of
spinal cord injuries to repetitively practice standing and stepping using body weight
support and a treadmill with manual facilitation from therapists and technicians. The
ultimate goal is to re-train patients with spinal cord injuries to stand and walk again.

When is Locomotor Therapy used;
• Stroke
• Spinal Cord Injury
• Cerebral Palsy

The Solution

In this application, actuators were positioned on a lower extremity orthosis. The orthosis
needed to be adjusted for a wide age range including both children and adults. Therefore,
dimensional restrictions were very important for the design.

Maximum velocity level changes according to walking speed and it is around 200mm/sec. Maximum force level changes according to patient’s weight and it is around 1000N.


Many people with SCI, regardless of time elapsed since their injury, have improved their
walking after receiving Locomotor Training in research programs and clinics in Germany,
Canada, Switzerland and the United States.

Our Exlar actuators were preferred as the alternative Copley servo tube provides low continuous force on high working speed whereas an electric roller screw Exlar actuator provides high continuous force on high working speed.

Further Information
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