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Aircraft Test Stand Russia


Aircraft Engine Test Stand


Aviadvigatel, located in Russia, is the leading design bureau specialising in developing civil and military aircraft engines, and industrial gas turbines and electric power plants utilising aero‐ engine technologies.

The Challenge

Aviadvigatel was designing a new series of aircraft engines, the PD family, which was to be used on short and medium haul aircraft. The PD engines are highly reliable, require low fuel consumption, and have low emissions. While designing the PD‐14 engine, the base model engine for the PD family, Aviadvigatel realised they needed to build a test stand in order to collect data on the new engine. This test stand required 25 axes with a very low cycle time and with a system that could monitor the force and position of the actuators. MERA NPP decided to enlist the expertise of Progressive Technologies of Russia, Exlar’s distributor, to create this new test stand.

engine turbine testing3

The Solution

Progressive Technologies helped MERA NPP select Exlar’s FT Series actuators with Exlar SLM motors for the aircraft test stand. With Exlar’s previous experience working with test stands for the aircraft industry, and a cheaper price when compared to alternative solutions, MERA NPP and Aviadvigatel knew Exlar’s FT actuators were the ideal solution. The FT Series actuators were also chosen because they were easily integrated into the overall test stand system that MERA NPP was designing, which included force sensors, measurement systems, and analytics. Furthermore, Exlar’s FT series actuators were able to send output signals to the system with force and position information within ten milliseconds from all 25 axes! The combination of MERA NPP’s systems and Exlar FT actuators with SLM motors allowed Aviadvigatel to have a unique test stand that could provide meaningful data on their new PD‐14 engine.

High Speed

High Strength

Energy Efficiency

Long Life

  • Creation of a unique test stand to assess new PD‐14 engine
  • Cost savings over alternative solutions
  • Easily integrated into additional systems within test stand
  • Quickly send information to test system on force and position
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